02 janvier 2008

Back but for how long ?

Christmas is over, Jesus was back....so ME as well !! Honestly I'm not very sure how long I'll be able to keep on updating the blog properly, but at least I'll try to hang on... Furthermore, if December was busy, January won't be any better. But new year, new resolution : I'll try to sum up the last few weeks soon and let you know what's coming up.
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02 janvier 2008

In 2008.....

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23 décembre 2007

Real life

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14 novembre 2007

Underneath his big white coat

He is coming, Mr. Winter. What does he bring us ? The big "christmas market fair" Wheel but also some "every 5minutes changing time" Arghhh. COming back home quite lately yesterday, I got to walk underneath the 1rst snow flakes. Not cold enough-3°c *sigh*- for the snow to sick on the ground. Nevertheless I was standing between the exitation of the 1rst snow, and the annoyance of a such early and cold winter (early and cold regarding the fact that I'm from far far more south Europe) But tonight, on my way... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2007

Breaking the wall

My best friend reminded that on November the 9th, some 17 years ago, Berlin had seen its wall falling Communist past, seems far, but not that far in people minds Don't let anybody keeping you behind a wall
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09 novembre 2007

Or the difficulty of being aware

The problem, when you live a country where you don't speak th elanguage, it's that you are never aware of what's going on, the futile as well as the essential ex 1 : Friday the 12th of October, my 15kg of luggage and me were ready for 12h train trip. At noon I got a phone call : - He you leave by train  ? But don't you know about the train strike ? - *Ironicly* Yes of course, they called this morning  !! Of course I didn't know how could I !!?!! *hytericaly* And what am I doing now ?!! ex 2 : Not later than... [Lire la suite]
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07 novembre 2007

back from...wherever

Seems like I need an evening at work to update this blog. Well 1rst let's change this name, this is definitly not a proper blog, but more a "news-board" how does that sound ? Anyways. In summury : I left you and Rostock on October the 12th, with train crew strike, but still 12h later and 3 koreans snoring in my ears, I reached Lille in France. Spent the week-end overthere in excellent company with a summer-like weather. Left on Monday the 15th to Cambridge, where I met Dagmar, my friend and colleague. I stayed over... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2007

Happy Rostocker

It's been 1 year since I moved to Rostock.... Who has stolen it ?! No, really, where did this year go ? (the 1rst one who says "San Francisco, Oslo, edimburgh..." or "At least you didn't spend it writing your blog" is most welcome to shut up :)
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12 octobre 2007

Small talk of the day

"Perfume yourself where you want to be kissed" Coco Chanel I'm sorry for the ones who tryed to call me yesterday LEft home at 8am et step back after midnight, in the meantime work-sport-girl friend n°1-picked up stuff for girl friend n°2-friends-Movie with girl friend n°3-Brought back furniture found out in the street- working mails-Packing for a non_time_end trip.... Was around 3am when I touched my pillow ! Only 10hours before I'm leaving for France over the week-end before my "Cambridge week"... [Lire la suite]
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07 octobre 2007

On the presidents' path

A friendly sunshine and some over-warmed temperatures brought me yesterday afternoon at Heiligendamm, place where the G8 was. 20 minutes train and 16 kms of bike and here I was, like many others "got nothing better to do today"-city-guys. Not much to talk about, looks a bit like Dysneyland, clean, cute, safe... But after a shitty summer, this coming back of light, sun and warm is a complete happyness Find the one who doesn't match Not completly german so far, but almost, I walked barefoot... [Lire la suite]
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