30 novembre 2010

Christmas market

Since Wednesday 24, the Christmas market of Lille is open. Luckely, winter arrived at the same time with only a few degrees above 0. That's very important that the weather is cold, it brings the winter mood for the Xmas market. Before I go on, I have to reminde you that the Xmas market is THE winter attraction in Germany: this is where one brings kids on the week-end, where one goes out with friends or colleagues after work, where everybody meets, speak loud for once in Germany, laugh and is happy. I can tell  you,... [Lire la suite]
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01 octobre 2010

New category

Never ever thought I would say that, or even write it, but since I am back to France, I have to admit that there are couple of things WHICH WERE BETTER IN GERMANY ! Yes, that's a bit hard to say but I witness it everyday, or so. Please notice that my experience in Germany is limited to the north-east, and thus can not be generalized to the rest of the country, but still. Let's start by the post: My girl friends have spent a week-end together, in Barcelona. Back from there they have sent me a postcard in an envelope with a... [Lire la suite]
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