13 décembre 2010

To keep warm

Because there is not only Gluhwein in December, we had 2 week-ends in November to do our reserves of: 1- Beers ! I have been living in 2 countries where Beer was the king drink, Denmark and Germany, the kind of country where each town has its own beer. Now I am only few kilometers away from another country like that, Belgium. Due to a french-singaporian reunion*, we have spent an afternoon in Menin, a town equivalent to the Perthus the franco-spanish town at the border, close to where I am from. Indeed Menin shares a street... [Lire la suite]
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09 décembre 2010


There is a big tradition in Germany and in north and east Europe, as well than in the France part of France called Alsace: Sinterklaas !! Or Saint-Nicolas in french, or Nikolaus in German. The other tradition is to prepare small christmas biscuits called Plaetzchen in Germany or Bredele in Alsace. These are supposed to last for all the month before Christmas and the kids are participating to the biscuits decoration. Thus, for my 2nd Nikolaus in Germany, when I was still not so much aware of german traditions, I had on my desk a pot... [Lire la suite]
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